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This site provides a web portal for Primary Care data accessible to GP practice staff , CCGs area and regional teams of NHS England and other approved stakeholder organisations.

This site is only available to registered users. Please login to continue. If you do not currently have access but have been advised that you can register, click on the link above to register to use the site. If you wish to request access, complete the form on the 'register' page and a member of the Primary Care Web Tool team will get in touch.
If you have any questions contact the Primary Care Web Tool Team (Primarycareweb@nhs.net).

About Us

This site has been constructed by NHS England to mobilise the General Practice High Level Indicators and General Practice Outcome Standards dataset via a web based interface. The development of the General Practice Outcome Standards indicators was in a collaboration between NHS London and the Londonwide LMCs.

The London General Practice Outcome Standards Project won an award from the Health Service Journal for the 'Enhancing Care With Data and Information Management' category.

Health Service Journal AwardHealth Service Journal Ceremony

The site aims to produce robust, reproducible graphs which are easy to interpret. If you are interested in the project, please contact the Primary Care Web Tool Team.

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